May 22, 2014

Preventive measures against cellulite

Impaired posture, tight clothing, wearing high-heeled shoes lead to a shift in the position of internal organs, and thereby slowing down the processes of circulation between them and, consequently, the intracellular metabolism, internal diseases give rise to inflammatory processes on the surface of the skin in areas of painful lesions. At sites of inflammation occurs accumulation of lymphatic fluid, which is the cause of cellulite.
Thin blood vessels, inflammation of lymph nodes leads to disruption of blood purification of toxins that enter the body through food. Violation of this function leads to the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits. Prevention - As preventive measures, preventing the appearance of cellulite, isolated: · Healthy food - Carefully watch your diet. Include in the diet of raw vegetables, fruits, fish and plant-based oils. · Limit consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks - Carrot, apple, cucumber, beet and orange juice serve in the prevention of the appearance of cellulite and help in its treatment.

 · Quit smoking; take vitamin complexes, aimed at filling the mineral balance of the body. · Try to move more, only wear comfortable clothes and shoes, the swimming pool. · Daily douches improve blood circulation in the cells and prevent the occurrence of stagnation in the body. · Remember that cellulite is easier to prevent than to spend time and energy on his treatment.

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Emergence of cellulite is often caused by genetic changes

Smoking - Upon inhaling tobacco smoke in human blood fall free radicals, as well as charged particles of oxygen that a harmful effect on the state of small blood and lymph vessels, squeezing them and breaking the internal circulation. Internal reasons: Heredity - Emergence of cellulite is often caused by genetic changes in the structure of cells and can be inherited. It contributes to the manifestation of the wrong sedentary lifestyle, smoking, irregular eating fatty and salty foods, etc.

Female hormones - Fat cells have the property of increasing in volume up to 40 times, which leads to the "protrusion" of the cells to the surface of the skin effect and the appearance of "orange peel". Furthermore, in the process of puberty in women produces a large amount of hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the process of development of fat cells in the breast and thighs, as well as progesterone, whose work is aimed at splitting unnecessary fat.

Imbalance between these two hormones leads to the accumulation of cellulite fat in problem areas. Pregnancy - Constant hormonal changes during pregnancy, the body is likely to disrupt the distribution of fluid in the body, poor blood flow in the subcutaneous tissues, which stimulate the development of cellulite during pregnancy in problem areas. Overweight and obesity slows the circulation cells in the body slows down the metabolism, leading to "push" unwanted fat cells to the surface.

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May 15, 2014

Way to remove wrinkles wrinkle treatment wrinkles around the eye

Put layers of the mixture on the skin of your face and leave for 20 minutes then rinse your face with hot water because the yeast will dry on your face and the crack and the need for hot water to be removed to get excellent results should be a chorus full 20 times holder yeast skin wrinkles . 
What is Cellulite?
To titan wrinkles holder egg whites also for the treatment of wrinkles and wrinkles can be done by using keeping the egg whites very useful for wrinkles in the face , because whites eggs does not help in the treatment of wrinkles and by, but adds to the skin softness and freshness consists Catcher of egg white + Juice half a lemon tablespoon salt small catcher these components suitable for the treatment of wrinkles oily skin can add a tablespoon of olive oil rather small lemon to fit Catcher treat skin wrinkles Dry Mix the ingredients together and then Put a layer on your face for 20 minutes then rinse.

 To titan wrinkles holder grapes can remove wrinkles and for the treatment of wrinkles using a mask grape green because the grape has a lot of natural ingredients that contain wrinkle creams with great benefit to a lack of exposure to the adverse effects to use wrinkle creams whatever have you should be doing by multiplying the quantity of grapes in a blender and filtered and on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse wrinkles under the eyes will disappear as in the picture. To remove wrinkles mask banana Will not give charity effect mask bananas for the treatment of wrinkles and to remove wrinkles from your skin In addition to the freshness and softness, which leaves them skin use a mashed banana and placed on the skin for 20 minutes then rinse.

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Remove wrinkles wrinkle treatment wrinkles around the eye

Remove wrinkles appear wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles under the eye with continued progress in age and old age where we note that the layer of epidermis which is the surface layer of the skin, taking into decay and corrosion, which acts as a barrier to the external environment that protects skin cells become the less able to regenerate and less able to retain moisture appears wrinkles in the face and neck and wrinkles around the mouth and wrinkles around the eye, but not age requirement to be wrinkles because wrinkles could also appear in the early age relatively young adulthood is called in this case premature wrinkles in the adjacent image at the top that you notice the effect of wrinkles on Beautician before wrinkle treatment and after the treatment of wrinkles Focus on wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles around the mouth in order to leave your own judgment on the difference?  Get rid of cellulite

 Therefore, you must follow the program to remove wrinkles , particularly wrinkles under the eyes and wrinkles around the mouth in the early period and abide by the appropriate period of time until the removal of wrinkles and get rid of wrinkles entirely possible to treat wrinkles using several methods, including medical methods such as the treatment of wrinkles by injecting Botox wrinkle treatment laser or wrinkle creams or natural way by using calipers to remove wrinkles ( Handles wrinkles ), which could be this masks a means simple high efficiency large in removing wrinkles around the eye to remove wrinkles from the face in general, and to get rid of wrinkles naturally safe and easy inexpensive.
 's what here a Grips for titan wrinkles is Catches for titan wrinkles holder yeast Can treat wrinkles and remove wrinkles using yeast rich in vitamin B, which stimulates circulation and metabolism. Holder yeast wrinkled skin fits wrinkles oily skin dry skin wrinkles normal skin, which is a Half cup yeast + added to yeast milk warm (Normal Skin) or olive oil (dry skin) or 3% hydrogen peroxide can be obtained from the pharmacy (oily skin).

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Itchy skin and scalp

The scalp of the head, like other skin surfaces always gets rid of dead cells replaced by other new cells. In this case, the skin retains proper appearance, the particles pose while dead without noticing it. And sebaceous glands, which are those hundreds of sebaceous glands minute relating to the roots of the hair, which glide scalp, is responsible for this situation, and in most cases flake hair become these glands overactive, bringing the hair and scalp far too fatty, and you know this case and then peels tend to be yellowish and lipid happen this type of seborrhea dermatitis usually in infants. A type other than dandruff, where spoil openings of sebaceous glands becomes hair fragile, and in this kind appears peels dry solid animate gray color white. Dandruff very common situation, even if some may not consider it satisfactory condition, and many are suffering dandruff but It's not up to the limit of their complaint unless the cortex appeared clearly on the hair and dresses or caused itching. , and even the recent past, it was thought that the crust is simply a result of the acceleration in the growth of skin cells, skin head without knowing the cause of this acceleration.  Women Issues about cellulite
Today, it has proven scientific evidence that the cause of dandruff is the proliferation of a type of yeasts on the scalp. Treatment of hair loss and scaly head herbal medicine: to give the hair look smooth excellent and prolong the survival of hair in the scalp to the largest possible period of time using a set of Oil oils known as triangular, must be prepared fresh on your own terms is taken equal parts of olive oil and castor oil, and oil of bitter almonds and mix well and placed inside the bottle color.   Women Issues about cellulite
The method of use be taken several drops of oil triangular and placed on the hair and then massage the hair and scalp tipped fingers without violence for a period of ten minutes continuing to have this procedure before going to sleep at night directly then combing hair comb plenty of teeth and quietly covers the head with a tissue or any cover suitable even morning. Then wash the hair in the morning using the suds only and running water, and leave the hair without washing there is no harm in it, and massage for ten minutes gives an opportunity to improve the circulation of blood in the scalp and suck the roots of the hair oil trio and this is the secret to hair maintenance, continuity and prevent peel the scalp and removed completely. While in the second month shall be paint and massage day after day, while in the third month shall be massage and paint once a week and continue to the person later on like this once in one week.

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How affects the freshness of the skin?

1. Manufacture of collagen: the most important functions of vitamin C that enters in the manufacture of collagen and materials carnivores between cells. The role of collagen known in the installation of the bones and joints and materials carnivores to heal the wounds and blood vessels, and in maintaining the freshness of the skin where it is delaying the appearance of wrinkles. 2. Protects important vitamins for the freshness of the skin: it protects some other vitamins from oxidation and spoilage, such as vitamin A and E, as these vitamins play an essential role in maintaining the freshness of the skin in different ways.  Remove The Cellulite

Vitamin C also helps to increase the absorption of iron and converts it to a format that is easy on the body absorbed and stored. Note that the metal iron contributes to avoid anemia and therefore greater distribution of oxygen to the body's organs, including the skin. 3. Prevention of external factors: It is anti-oxidants which help in the prevention of the risk of atmospheric ozone and materials resulting from smoking, which in turn hurt the skin dramatically! So any deficiency in this vitamin negatively affects the skin of the hand formation of collagen and increase the effectiveness and absorption of vitamins other useful her. What our daily needs of vitamin C? Age category needs vitamin C women between 19-50 years 75 mg / day Pregnant 85 mg / day lactating 120 mg / day what food sources of vitamin C? (Ranging content of these foods of this vitamin is between 50-150 mg 100 g) Be careful! Which reduces the availability of this vitamin: chopping vegetables before cooking period, wilting foods, store them exposed to the air and the use of copper pots for cooking. Therefore, always try to get fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoid cutting as much as possible. After preparation, do not let go a long time in the outside air, as soon as possible.

As cooking for long periods or high scores reduce very content of vitamin C in food, so the refugees to the recipes require preparation time a little bit of cooking! Beauty of your skin with Vitamin "C" Dandruff is a problem common and infect the scalp and is characterized by the presence husks white or yellow of dead skin, and knows the disease medically as (dermatitis), dandruff earn one's appearance is what drops him from the husks on his clothes, and what caused the constant itching, if scratcher person's scalp severe led to scratch the skin making it easier contagion fungi and bacteria that do not leave him and may spread the illness and in rare cases may extend to the eyebrows and eyelashes, ears, nose and neck updated redder skin in these positions.

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Herbal remedies for lengthening hair and facial wrinkles

To achieve this must contain all the protein is not fully adequate amounts of amino acids essential that exist in the protein the other is full in small quantities, for example, can be integrated into one types of grains such as wheat or barley with one legumes such as peas or beans. Needs rights to the proteins, however, infants and children need more protein as well as for pregnant women and nursing mothers may cause the protein is not sufficient in food energy shortages slow or unsafe and weak resistance to the disease. Women Issues about cellulite

In developing countries suffer many of the infants and children's disease as a result of eating a small amount of food containing proteins in full or not addressed, may cause cases, damage to the liver and death in the end. Disease caused by protein deficiency sharp as atrophy of muscles and swollen skin fluid that secreted by the body and a child is weak, strong and do not accept any kind of inconvenience not even feed the skin loses its natural color and is made up by the black spots, and the disease can lead to damage of the liver and small intestine and a change in hair color black to red.

Beauty of your skin with Vitamin "C" the importance of vitamin C is too large for the body: it is not only important for the prevention of colds, but also for skin supple and healthy. So we recommend you to take at least a share of the vegetables or fruits rich in vitamin C (oranges, strawberries or sweet peppers) a day. Considered vitamin "C" of important vitamins in our lives because of its many benefits and is essential for our bodies. It is not just protective of colds and respiratory infections, but it is of important vitamins for glamour and freshness of the skin!

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