May 15, 2014

Itchy skin and scalp

The scalp of the head, like other skin surfaces always gets rid of dead cells replaced by other new cells. In this case, the skin retains proper appearance, the particles pose while dead without noticing it. And sebaceous glands, which are those hundreds of sebaceous glands minute relating to the roots of the hair, which glide scalp, is responsible for this situation, and in most cases flake hair become these glands overactive, bringing the hair and scalp far too fatty, and you know this case and then peels tend to be yellowish and lipid happen this type of seborrhea dermatitis usually in infants. A type other than dandruff, where spoil openings of sebaceous glands becomes hair fragile, and in this kind appears peels dry solid animate gray color white. Dandruff very common situation, even if some may not consider it satisfactory condition, and many are suffering dandruff but It's not up to the limit of their complaint unless the cortex appeared clearly on the hair and dresses or caused itching. , and even the recent past, it was thought that the crust is simply a result of the acceleration in the growth of skin cells, skin head without knowing the cause of this acceleration.  Women Issues about cellulite
Today, it has proven scientific evidence that the cause of dandruff is the proliferation of a type of yeasts on the scalp. Treatment of hair loss and scaly head herbal medicine: to give the hair look smooth excellent and prolong the survival of hair in the scalp to the largest possible period of time using a set of Oil oils known as triangular, must be prepared fresh on your own terms is taken equal parts of olive oil and castor oil, and oil of bitter almonds and mix well and placed inside the bottle color.   Women Issues about cellulite
The method of use be taken several drops of oil triangular and placed on the hair and then massage the hair and scalp tipped fingers without violence for a period of ten minutes continuing to have this procedure before going to sleep at night directly then combing hair comb plenty of teeth and quietly covers the head with a tissue or any cover suitable even morning. Then wash the hair in the morning using the suds only and running water, and leave the hair without washing there is no harm in it, and massage for ten minutes gives an opportunity to improve the circulation of blood in the scalp and suck the roots of the hair oil trio and this is the secret to hair maintenance, continuity and prevent peel the scalp and removed completely. While in the second month shall be paint and massage day after day, while in the third month shall be massage and paint once a week and continue to the person later on like this once in one week.

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