May 22, 2014

Preventive measures against cellulite

Impaired posture, tight clothing, wearing high-heeled shoes lead to a shift in the position of internal organs, and thereby slowing down the processes of circulation between them and, consequently, the intracellular metabolism, internal diseases give rise to inflammatory processes on the surface of the skin in areas of painful lesions. At sites of inflammation occurs accumulation of lymphatic fluid, which is the cause of cellulite.
Thin blood vessels, inflammation of lymph nodes leads to disruption of blood purification of toxins that enter the body through food. Violation of this function leads to the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits. Prevention - As preventive measures, preventing the appearance of cellulite, isolated: · Healthy food - Carefully watch your diet. Include in the diet of raw vegetables, fruits, fish and plant-based oils. · Limit consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks - Carrot, apple, cucumber, beet and orange juice serve in the prevention of the appearance of cellulite and help in its treatment.

 · Quit smoking; take vitamin complexes, aimed at filling the mineral balance of the body. · Try to move more, only wear comfortable clothes and shoes, the swimming pool. · Daily douches improve blood circulation in the cells and prevent the occurrence of stagnation in the body. · Remember that cellulite is easier to prevent than to spend time and energy on his treatment.

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