May 22, 2014

Emergence of cellulite is often caused by genetic changes

Smoking - Upon inhaling tobacco smoke in human blood fall free radicals, as well as charged particles of oxygen that a harmful effect on the state of small blood and lymph vessels, squeezing them and breaking the internal circulation. Internal reasons: Heredity - Emergence of cellulite is often caused by genetic changes in the structure of cells and can be inherited. It contributes to the manifestation of the wrong sedentary lifestyle, smoking, irregular eating fatty and salty foods, etc.

Female hormones - Fat cells have the property of increasing in volume up to 40 times, which leads to the "protrusion" of the cells to the surface of the skin effect and the appearance of "orange peel". Furthermore, in the process of puberty in women produces a large amount of hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the process of development of fat cells in the breast and thighs, as well as progesterone, whose work is aimed at splitting unnecessary fat.

Imbalance between these two hormones leads to the accumulation of cellulite fat in problem areas. Pregnancy - Constant hormonal changes during pregnancy, the body is likely to disrupt the distribution of fluid in the body, poor blood flow in the subcutaneous tissues, which stimulate the development of cellulite during pregnancy in problem areas. Overweight and obesity slows the circulation cells in the body slows down the metabolism, leading to "push" unwanted fat cells to the surface.

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