May 15, 2014

How affects the freshness of the skin?

1. Manufacture of collagen: the most important functions of vitamin C that enters in the manufacture of collagen and materials carnivores between cells. The role of collagen known in the installation of the bones and joints and materials carnivores to heal the wounds and blood vessels, and in maintaining the freshness of the skin where it is delaying the appearance of wrinkles. 2. Protects important vitamins for the freshness of the skin: it protects some other vitamins from oxidation and spoilage, such as vitamin A and E, as these vitamins play an essential role in maintaining the freshness of the skin in different ways.  Remove The Cellulite

Vitamin C also helps to increase the absorption of iron and converts it to a format that is easy on the body absorbed and stored. Note that the metal iron contributes to avoid anemia and therefore greater distribution of oxygen to the body's organs, including the skin. 3. Prevention of external factors: It is anti-oxidants which help in the prevention of the risk of atmospheric ozone and materials resulting from smoking, which in turn hurt the skin dramatically! So any deficiency in this vitamin negatively affects the skin of the hand formation of collagen and increase the effectiveness and absorption of vitamins other useful her. What our daily needs of vitamin C? Age category needs vitamin C women between 19-50 years 75 mg / day Pregnant 85 mg / day lactating 120 mg / day what food sources of vitamin C? (Ranging content of these foods of this vitamin is between 50-150 mg 100 g) Be careful! Which reduces the availability of this vitamin: chopping vegetables before cooking period, wilting foods, store them exposed to the air and the use of copper pots for cooking. Therefore, always try to get fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoid cutting as much as possible. After preparation, do not let go a long time in the outside air, as soon as possible.

As cooking for long periods or high scores reduce very content of vitamin C in food, so the refugees to the recipes require preparation time a little bit of cooking! Beauty of your skin with Vitamin "C" Dandruff is a problem common and infect the scalp and is characterized by the presence husks white or yellow of dead skin, and knows the disease medically as (dermatitis), dandruff earn one's appearance is what drops him from the husks on his clothes, and what caused the constant itching, if scratcher person's scalp severe led to scratch the skin making it easier contagion fungi and bacteria that do not leave him and may spread the illness and in rare cases may extend to the eyebrows and eyelashes, ears, nose and neck updated redder skin in these positions.

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