May 15, 2014

Herbal remedies for lengthening hair and facial wrinkles

To achieve this must contain all the protein is not fully adequate amounts of amino acids essential that exist in the protein the other is full in small quantities, for example, can be integrated into one types of grains such as wheat or barley with one legumes such as peas or beans. Needs rights to the proteins, however, infants and children need more protein as well as for pregnant women and nursing mothers may cause the protein is not sufficient in food energy shortages slow or unsafe and weak resistance to the disease. Women Issues about cellulite

In developing countries suffer many of the infants and children's disease as a result of eating a small amount of food containing proteins in full or not addressed, may cause cases, damage to the liver and death in the end. Disease caused by protein deficiency sharp as atrophy of muscles and swollen skin fluid that secreted by the body and a child is weak, strong and do not accept any kind of inconvenience not even feed the skin loses its natural color and is made up by the black spots, and the disease can lead to damage of the liver and small intestine and a change in hair color black to red.

Beauty of your skin with Vitamin "C" the importance of vitamin C is too large for the body: it is not only important for the prevention of colds, but also for skin supple and healthy. So we recommend you to take at least a share of the vegetables or fruits rich in vitamin C (oranges, strawberries or sweet peppers) a day. Considered vitamin "C" of important vitamins in our lives because of its many benefits and is essential for our bodies. It is not just protective of colds and respiratory infections, but it is of important vitamins for glamour and freshness of the skin!

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